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About Us

Restaurant Nokis was founded in the early Spring of 2017 in Helsinki by Noki and Einar. Our aim is to start building up a Vietnamese street food brand called Nokis.

The purpose and desire behind Nokis is to introduce the most important elements from the Vietnamese street food in Helsinki – Bánh mì, a filled baguette, and Phở, rice-noodle soup.

Delicious Vietnamese food and authentic ambiance will give you a taste of Vietnam while in Finland. Everything on the menu is made on location using fresh produce.

Nokis has its roots in the old Tre Viet Restaurant, which had been in the same location since 2008.

Bánh mì

Bánh mì is a filled baguette with different fillings of your choice.
All of our baguettes are baked on location and have no additives. The same goes for our fillings – made on location, using fresh produce and no additives.

With baking skills of more that two decades we can guarantee excellent taste and quality.


The traditional Phở-soup is a popular hearty and soulful home food. We warmly recommend it since the many layers of taste are bound to offer a varied taste experience.